GTA 6 – When Can You Expect the Game to be Released?


#GTA6 #Games GTA 6 – When Can You Expect the Game to be Released? : The latest version GTA 6 developed by Rockstar was initially expected to be slated for a 2018 release. However, according to a recent press release, gamers will have to wait a couple of years more from the planned date. The GTA 6 is expected to make its presence felt only as late as 2020. With very good chances of compatibility with all Sony and Microsoft gaming consoles, the display is also bound to be better than in the previous versions. Thus, you can play the game on the PlayStation 5 just as easily as Xbox Two from Microsoft. According to a Cinema Blend report, pre-production for the game has only begun and neither the settings nor the location for the game has been decided so far.

New Features that can be Expected in the GTA 6? 

Although not many details have been revealed about what the new version of Grand Theft Auto has to offer, there are possibilities of a multitude of changes. Some of the reported newbies are a new map as per players’ expectations, a female central character, teleporting ability, Vice City and virtual integrity to add to the gaming experience. Making use of a female lead is going to create a breakthrough from Rockstar that has always given importance to masculine leads. It is also bound to increase the happiness of female lovers of the game. As for the map, the revised one will certainly be larger than the current Los Santos. It will also take up much more space than the earlier maps. Inclusion of virtual reality will render more fun when the game is played on a HD screen.

Additionally, though the locations and settings details are yet to be worked upon, rumors are being circulated about these parameters. With the anticipation of a foreign country likely to be the developer’s choice, gossips mention the prospects to be either Japan or the United Kingdom. Based on a Tech Radar report, the developer had earlier taken efforts to create Japan as the location setting in a game but had not been successful. Therefore, there are chances that Rockstar may try their luck at developing this once again. Enthusiastic players are eagerly hoping for the inclusion of Gang Wars in GTA 6.

One of the major drawbacks of the predecessor GTA 5 is said to be overcome in the yet to be released version. In GTA 5, only one option was available for a player to buy and own more than one apartment or house. In Version 6, this barrier has been removed and players will have different types of house and apartments options to buy. Needless to say, the challenges involved in buying them will be tougher just as the levels to cross will be tougher.

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