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#iPhone7 #Apple – iPhone 7 review : When I reviewed Apple’s iPhone 6 two years ago, I wrote about how different reviewing an iPhone is compared to reviewing any other smartphone — or any other product at all, for that matter. A reviewer’s job is generally to present an overview of a product’s user experience, as well as to discuss strengths and shortcomings. The goal in doing this is to assist the reader in making a purchase decision. But with iPhones, this hasn’t been the case since the first-generation model. Either someone is going to buy an iPhone or he or she is not; reviews have almost no bearing on anyone’s decision.

Interestingly, while Apple’s new iPhone 7 is the first new number-generation iPhones to resemble their predecessors so closely in terms of design, they are also the first new iPhones to differ so dramatically in this way: reviews actually do matter. Apple’s new iPhones look so similar to last year’s models and to 2014’s models that people aren’t quite sure what to make of them.

Are they really “boring,” like many gadget blogs have been saying for months? Or are they truly as impressive as Apple’s marketing rhetoric and Apple bloggers’ reviews would lead you to believe? In this review, we’ll cut through the noise and see just how impressive or disappointing Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are.

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First, let’s work our way through the narrative that guided coverage ahead of the new iPhones’ debut. Yes, they feature a design that is strikingly similar to Apple’s iPhone lineup for the past two years. Is that a bad thing? It depends on who you ask.

Apple strayed far from convention in 2016 and released two new phones that do not feature a dramatically different outward facing design. iPhone users are accustomed to seeing a brand new iPhone one year and an updated “S” version in the same housing the following year. Then, a fresh new iPhone is due to follow each new “S.”

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