iPhone 8 will finally get a decent redesign indicated by Leak

#Apple #iPhone8 – iPhone 8 will finally get a decent redesign indicated by Leak : It’s been a long while since we’ve seen a significant update to the iPhone form factor. Indeed, the recently released iPhone 7 is essentially the same as the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6 before it. Now that’s not to say that the iPhone 7 is a boring device. Far from it, Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone is a surprisingly compelling device with all sorts of welcome improvements in performance and, at long last, battery life.

That notwithstanding, some iPhone owners are understandably eager for a fresh take on a form factor that has arguably gotten a little stale at this point. Not to worry, Apple’s 2017 iPhone, a device likely to be called the iPhone 8, will likely offer users the radical iPhone redesign they’ve been waiting for.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen no shortage of rumors claiming that Apple’s iPhone 8 models will feature an edge-to-edge display. Adding more credence to these rumors, a new research report from analysts at Barclays Research (via MacRumors) claims that with the iPhone 8, Apple will introduce iPhone models with a completely new form factor.

Citing sources within Apple’s supply chain, the research report claims that Apple’s iPhone 8 models will feature curved 5 and 5.8-inch displays. However, because the displays will be edgeless — which is to say there won’t be a bezel in sight — the actual size of Apple’s current 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone models will not change much, if at all. What’s more, and further corroborating previous reports, Barclays Research believes that both new iPhone 8 models will feature curved displays.

On a related note, Barclays adds that there’s still no guarantee the home button on the iPhone 8 will be embedded underneath the display itself, as some rumors have claimed. Instead, it’s entirely plausible that the iPhone 8 will sport a design similar to what Xiaomi introduced with the Mi Mix last month where there’s a slight bezel on the bottom.

Lastly, Barclays Research writes that the rumored OLED display panels Apple is transitioning to will only make an appearance on the iPhone 8 Plus model. source:MacRumors


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