Xbox Scorpio Release Date And News: Is It Trying To Be A PC Replacement ?

Xbox Scorpio

#XboxScorpio #GamingXbox Scorpio Release Date And News: Is It Trying To Be A PC Replacement ? : Rumored to be coming around 2017, but will the Xbox One or Project Scorpio just be in time to be on the top of its game or will competitors and eventually catch up and will it even be the center of the Universal Windows Platform?

Windows Central recently reported that the Xbox Project Scorpio is still to be the most powerful console ever made and will be staying true to how it was announced in this year’s E3 event. However, when PlayStation 4 Pro leaks started surfacing, Microsoft had to somehow catch up with the hype by sharing the Scorpio dev kits to some publishers and developers.

This indicates that there’s a good chance that players and owners of the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S may already have or had the chance to play some titles specifically for the Scorpio. In fact, Eurogameralready had the confirmation about “Gears of War 4” prepped for running on native 4K for the Xbox Scorpio.

Games like “Forza Horizon 3” and “Rise of the Tomb Raider” will also be donning their graphical eye-candy goodness on the 4K, especially for those who have already seen them in action on expensive PC setups.

Still, the Xbox Project Scorpio is still believed to be coming around the second half of 2017, which means players will still have to wait for a bit longer. With the technology it is aiming for, it started to appear to some as if it was trying to be a PC as Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra mentioned about UWP.

UWP Appx games are sometimes used with Steam titles that has a huge advantage over the usual Win32 games. It uses the same DX12 technology with an even better handling.

However, it may still seem that UWP format is still on its early stages as of the moment as “Call of Duty: Infiniate Warfare” have attempted this feat to provide cross platform experience with Windows 10 and its console counterparts. Not a lot of fans may still be reluctant to cross over the platform border, especially with how much the community is invested with the standard Win32 games.

Some may think of this as Microsoft’s attempt to bridge the gap between PC and Console games, but it should still be remembered that UWP is, but a feature and not a necessity for each and every title. Publishers and developers will still be free to create non-UWP and console exclusive titles, which leverages the platform in a lot of ways.

We’re still almost half a year away from the projected and rumored released date for the Xbox Scorpio, though fans are hoping that the implementation will be meeting at least half of their expectations.


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