FIFA 17 Patch Notes 2 Update to include FPS and Audio Fixes

FIFA 17 Patch

#FIFA17 #EASportsFIFA 17 Patch Notes 2 Update to include FPS and Audio Fixes : EA Sports has just released their second update to FIFA 17. This update is focused towards fixing some known errors and bugs and to update their player model’s faces in order to make them more accurate. Even though this is just the second update EA has rolled out since the game was released, FIFA 17 players are expecting EA to make a trend out of this and keep on releasing new updates.

Player faces in FIFA 17 have been updated to appear more realistic and to be more accurate at the same time. EA announced that now they are ready to add more player models to the game, something which has been highly expected by FIFA fans, especially since PES 2017 has received more than 30 new player models just a few weeks ago.

One common issue that players are experience with FIFA 17 is the FPS drop rate, and this update is focused towards fixing rendering and FPS problems. Some players have reported that they even had audio problems and EA Sports included a fix for audio problems as well in the update.

The audience crowd has received some significant changes to make it seem more realistic especially since FIFA 17 uses a real Spanish crowd, and their reactions to goals need to be as authentic as they can be.  The “Journey” mode has been updated as well, it now includes character audio lines in Spanish, Mexican, Italian, French and German.

The new patch allows for FIFA 16 Pro Club members to transfer their data to FIFA 17 and their passives traits are also going to be unlocked. The flair trait is now available as well for FIFA 17 Pro Club members.

The update is available for all platforms that run FIFA 17. The game comes on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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