PlayStation 4 Pro V4.05 Firmware Update Issues and Fixes

PlayStation 4 Pro V4.05 Firmware Update

#Playstation4Pro #FirmwareUpdatePlayStation 4 Pro V4.05 Firmware Update Issues and Fixes : The latest firmware update released by Sony for their new PlayStation Pro has come with a big glitch. The V4.05 firmware update is causing a glitch when the PS4 Pro gets connected to a 4K TV set.

TV Signal Glitch

PS4 Pro owners have reported that after installing the new V4.05 firmware update their consoles started to glitch out and lose TV signal. The gaming console used to work without any problems before the firmware update was installed, the video output resolution 2160p was working just fine. The problem started when users have upgraded their firmware and the TV signal just disappeared, bug keeps reoccurring especially to older TV brands like LG or Vizio.

Bug Fixes

There are many temporary fixes on the web right now. We are going to only mention the ones that are actually working, but keep in mind that these are just temporary fixes and we need to wait for Sony to release official firmware update to fix this bug.

The first step you need to take is to turn the console off and insert the HDMI cable in the TV’s 60HZ port, then turn on the TV and keep your finger pressed against the power button until it beeps two times. The gaming console is going to enter safe mode, and now you can go ahead and put HDCP in 1.4 setting and reboot the PS4 Pro. This should do the trick, but if this does not work boot the console in safe mode again and change the starting resolution. The PS4 Pro should restart with an image and now all you have to do is select the yuv420 option and the signal glitch will be fixed.

What device is causing the problem?

It seems that the problem might not stand only in Sony’s gaming console, but with the TV’s firmware as well. TV software developers might have to release a new update to make sure this problem stop from happening again.


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