Surface Pro 4, Xbox One S, and more headline Microsoft’s Black Friday sale

Surface Pro 4

#SurfacePro4 #XboxOneSSurface Pro 4, Xbox One S, and more headline Microsoft’s Black Friday sale : Microsoft is pulling out all the stops in time for Black Friday deals, with sizable discounts coming to not just a wide range of Windows 10-branded PCs, but also tablets, consoles, games, and accessories.

Many of these incoming deals are directly accessible online via the Microsoft Store, but a few brick-and-mortar retailers are getting in on the action as well. (More on that in a sec.) Wondering how much you could be saving right now on a shiny new Surface Book or Xbox One S? Well, without any further ado, here are just some of the bargains that caught our eye:

Save over $400 on a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book

From Thanksgiving through to Cyber Monday (November 24 – 28, for you numeric-types) Microsoft is offering a big price cut on its 256GB Surface Pro 4. The Surface Pro 4 comes as a special bundle alongside a bonus Type cover for just $999 – saving you about $430 in the process.

Additionally, Microsoft is knocking down the price of the Surface Book, from $1,899 to $1,499. Just like the company’s Surface Pro 4 deal, the sale begins on Thanksgiving and ends Cyber Monday.

Microsoft adds that these deals are only available for Surfaces bought through the company’s online or physical stores, are limited to one per customer, and are US-only deals. If you’re okay with second-hand electronics at a discount, Microsoft is also has refurbished Surface Pro 3s, Surface Pro 4s, and Surface Books for sale online.

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