The best Black Friday deals 2016

best Black Friday deals 2016

#BlackFriday2016 #DealsThe best Black Friday deals 2016 : Black Friday 2016 is now just 10 days away! As usual TechRadar will be researching and listing all of the best Black Friday deals right here on this page so that you can easily find your way to the best prices for all the best gear.

Amazon has already gone live with some of its Black Friday deals and will continue to launch new ‘best deals’ every day. Essentially that means the deals will run until they sell out, rather than with an arbitrary cut off point. The Black Friday mobile phone deals market has already exploded with loads of amazing deals already available

This year Black Friday will almost certainly be the biggest day of online spending the world has ever seen, but just how much is spent will depend on a number of different factors.

That’s according to an insider at a major UK retailer who agreed to an interview with TechRadar on the grounds of maintaining anonymity.

“Black Friday is going to be bigger again this year than it was last year. But the truth is that no one really knows what’s going to happen as many of the big deals and promotions will be planned in advance, while some will only actually go live depending on what everyone else is doing. And no one retailer that knows what its doing is likely to speak about its exact plans in advance”

That essentially means that the strength of the deals will depend on someone ‘going first’. For example, if Argos launches a £150 PS4 deal, GAME, John Lewis and Amazon might have a similar deal ready to go just in case. Or else they’ll be ready to react with something else. If no one lights the blue touch paper, the deal might never happen.

This cat and mouse retail strategy was last seen in action as recently as Amazon Prime Day earlier this year. Amazon did really rather well on Prime Day, funnily enough. But what did John Lewis, Currys, Argos and Tesco Direct et al get up to?

Well the answer is not much at all actually. They all had sales signage up on their sites and they all made noises in advance about launching promotions of their own to compete. But in the end there was very little extra discounting done on Prime Day from anyone other than Amazon. What actually happened was that they were all waiting for someone else to jump… but no one did.

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