Updated Microsoft Surface Book may just be a MacBook Pro killer

Microsoft Surface Book

#Microsoft #SurfaceBookUpdated Microsoft Surface Book may just be a MacBook Pro killer : Microsoft have Surface Book i7 in their corner, a pumped up upgrated version of the last year flexible laptop. Wher on the other side Apple is with the latest version of MacBook Pro.

Both the companies are ready to crash the market with their all new machines, albeit expensive for pockets.

Now the quest arises which one of the two is the best to choose: here are the some difference on several key points below.

Microsoft hasn’t touched their previous design of the Surface Book, it’s still the got the matte grey colour and the funky “dynamic fulcrum” hinge that Microsoft is so proud of.

This spring like machine basically leaves a niticable gap between keyboad and screen when it’s 360 degrees folded, a sheet of paper can be easily passed by that gap. But the important part is that the screen can completely detached from the keyboard, something the MacBook Pro can’t offer.

Meanwhile Apple has a slimmer and lighter MacBook Pro as compare to it’s previous models, it also has added the new touch bar above the keyboard. Basically, it works to show the bookmarks and favourites when the safari browser is open, it also suggests words and emojis when typing messages.

When it comes to size, the MacBook Pro comes in two variations: 13-inches and 15-inches screen sizes, while the Surface Book i7 sticks to 13.3- inches of screen. But Surface Book i7 comes with a resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels where MacBook Pro is only 2560 x 1600.

According to a report in Mirror the pricing of both the devices will be bit high, Apple’s 13-inches Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID will cost around GBP 1,749 and the 15-inches will cost GBP 2,349

Microsoft’s i7 Pro starts with GBP 1,799 which comes with a 265GB SSD hard drive and climb ups to GBP 2,649 for the 1TB version. When it comes to pricing Microsoft easily edges out Apple,

As per Laptop Mag’s report both the companies has put their full initiative to make there laptop as good as they can, both uses Intel’s latest 6th generation processors with i7 and i5 option available.

Both use SSD drives and dedicated graphics chips for gaming and video rendering, its hard to say which one will come on th top in the terms of performance battle.

A choice between the two devices is really very difficult Microsft appears to have superior battery life but iPhone users with a big library of iTunes song can make sense of going with MacBook Pro. Source : Latinpost


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