Extremely Reddened Quasars Might Be Stopping Star Formation

Star Formation

#Universe #GalaxiesExtremely Reddened Quasars Might Be Stopping Star Formation : Our universe was formed billions of years ago. In that time the elements needed to form galaxies and stars have been slowly coming together. As these building blocks are put into place, stars and galaxies began to evolve. Extremely reddened quasars might be stopping star formation as they are formed as well.

Quasars are generally black holes that emit much radiation due to the amount of material falling into them. As material such as gases, dust and others fall into the event horizon, they emit bursts of radiation. But not all of the material fall into the black hole, and gas and dust might be blown out from it as well.

The gases and dust that come out of a quasar could stop star formation in that area. While these are basically the same components used to form a star, the same components could also halt the formation of stars. Much of this process has yet to be properly understood by astronomers.

The dust and gases can make a quasar red, as they filter the light being emitted by material falling into the black hole. Some quasars can be extremely red due to more dust and gases surrounding it. That much dust and gases around a quasar can inhibit stars from forming near it.

These extremely red quasars have been found through research made by Frederick Hamann, a Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California Riverside.

These extremely red quasars have been discovered through the Baryon Oscillation Sky Survey (BOSS) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a according to the Phys Org. The goal of the survey is to know how many of the extremely red quasars are out there.

In the study, it has been found out that these extremely red quasars have an unusually high amount of gases and dust about it. This is much more than what is found on normal quasars, as Science Daily reports.

Much research would still be made on how these extremely red quasars work and how they relate to other quasars, as extremely reddened quasars might be stopping star formation. Earlier also scientists have speculated how massive stars are born. Source: Itechpost


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