The Galaxy S8 Will Be Samsung Key To Redemption; Latest Updates On Specs, Release

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#GalaxyS8 #SmartphonesThe Galaxy S8 Will Be Samsung Key To Redemption; Latest Updates On Specs, Release : 2016 has been a year to forget for Samsun. After experiencing exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones that precipitated the company’s downfall from solid dominance, Samsung will be looking to try to get back on top by making some more reliable, less fire-prone phones.

After a series of recalls which lead towards the ceasing of production for the Note 7, Samsung’s profits plummeted to its lowest in nearly eight years. At the same time, the company is also facing lawsuits, as well as exploding appliances that go beyond flammable phones, too.

People are looking forward to the Galaxy S8

Those reasons are exactly why a lot of people are now riding on Samsung’s next phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8. While still belonging to the Galaxy “family” of phones, the S8 is going to be a direct sequel to the Galaxy S7 that was recently released last March. And just to make things clear, unlike the Note 7, there have been no claims on issues of fires or explosions with the Galaxy S7, either.

Important rumors on the Galaxy S8

The upcoming Galaxy S8 gives Samsung the opportunity to lure buyers back to the brand known for its exceptional technology. Samsung also has the power to make a truly great phone. The Note 7 was considered as one of the most impressive phones Samsung had ever made, but its faulty battery ultimately killed it.

The question now is, will the Galaxy S8 have enough goods in its pocket to persuade shoppers who bolted after the Note 7 incident? And can Samsung win back its buyers’ trust? The Galaxy S8 is still likely several months away from making its official debut, but leaks and rumors have already been heating up. Here are some of the most important rumors that we need to look on to.

The Galaxy S8 will not have an early release

There was a point where some have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S8 should attempt an early release to immediately contribute to Samsung’s rebound earlier compared to its usual late February or early March release cycle.

Given that the Note 7 issues may have in a result caused by a rush job in order to get the phone out ahead of schedule, speeding up production for the S8 isn’t the best option, especially if Samsung is still trying to pinpoint what went wrong with their Note 7 batteries.

Release date is still up in the air

According to another rumor, the S8 might even be pushed back to April as Samsung is still trying to find and fix the errors that led to the explosions. If another major blowup occurs, it would definitely torch what’s left of Samsung’s credibility. But either way, there were also rumors that the phone’s firmware is already under production.

It could potentially be all-screens

According to some credible rumors, the face of next year’s Galaxy S8 could possibly be 90% screen, up from an average ratio of 80% screen-to-bezels. Rumors have also claimed that the Galaxy S8 could be featuring no home button, which would include the fingerprint reader, and will be using an optical sensor that lives beneath the display. Source: itechpost


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