Huawei P10 Newest Leaks Reached Online

Huawei P10

#HuaweiP10 #SmartphoneHuawei P10 Newest Leaks Reached Online : It’s not a secret that Huawei is mimicking every move Samsung makes, and Huawei is not hiding away from that. The Chinese company usually releases two high end tech devices every year, and the strategy they use is to focus the two products towards different niches so that they don’t compete with each other on the market.

Huawei’s P series is going head to head on the tech market with Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship smartphones, while on the other hand Huawei’s Mate line of devices are competing with the Note phablets Samsung unveils every year in the fall season.

Huawei is reportedly going to unveil their new P10 smartphone during the Mobile Word Congress which takes places in late February 2017. There are two leaked photos in which a new smartphone is showcased and that is allegedly the new Huawei P10.

The prototype showcased in the leaked pictures misses the Huawei logo, and this makes us wonder if the leaked photos are true. Even though, the prototype feature the impressive dual-camera setup on the backside and by looking closely we can observe that the fingerprint sensor is not on the back of the device, which means that Huawei will introduce the fingerprint sensor on the front side of the unit just under the Home button. The pictures were leaked on Weibo aka the Chinese Reddit and it the same post some hardware specs such as the Kirin 960 chipset were listed.

P10 Specs

The P10 will be available in the 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage space variant and the premium 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage space variant.

The dual cameras situated on the back side, as seen in the leaked photos are more than likely going to be both 12MP camera that will feature Leica Lens.


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