Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay and Release Date Anticipated Rumors

Kingdom Hearts 3

#KingdomHearts #SquareEnixKingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay and Release Date Anticipated Rumors : Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts is a very successful franchise and Square Enix is going to release a new installment in the Kingdom Hearts series soon enough. The story line is what makes the game so successful, and everyone is hyped up about what’s going to happen in the upcoming game. Lucky for us, the story line has been leaked.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaked Story Line

Fans of the game became even more hyped ever since the story line and a screenshot from Kingdom Hearts 3 has been leaked online through a twitter post. The leaked screenshot showcased another Keyblade war between Sora, who is the main character of the story line, and Master Xenahort who is another keyblade master just like Sora. The screenshot shows Sora as a completely grown man that enjoys fighting against darkness, and this is the same way he acted when he was a child. The story line is going to involve Sora finding out that Master Xenahort is the one to blame for all that happened, and that everything that’s happening comes exactly the way Master Xenahort planned it to go. This is going to be the reason why light and dark will fight again in Kingdom Hearts 3, meaning that a Keyblade War 2 is surely going to happen.

The main quest line will have Sora and his companions searching for the seven guardians of the light to help him win the Keyblade War. Sora is going to be accompanied by Goofy and Donald, and Sora’s friend Riku and King Mickey is going to be looking for another Keyblade wielder.

Release Date

The game is going to be launched in 2018 and it will include new worlds like the “Big Hero 6” world and Evil Baymax is going to be introduced to the game.


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