Microsoft Corporation Could Shake Up The Smartphone World With The Release Of Its Next-Gen Smartphone

Surface Phone

#SurfacePhone #SmartphoneMicrosoft Corporation Could Shake Up The Smartphone World With The Release Of Its Next-Gen Smartphone : There is a strong word in the smartphone world that Microsoft Corporation is looking to avenge its fallen Windows phone with the launch of its next-generation smartphone device.

Although the Redmond-based tech giant has consistently remained tight-lipped regarding its upcoming projects, there are rumors which suggest that the company is working on its next line of smartphone device, dubbed as the Surface Phone. The company is rumored to be considering launching its next-gen smartphone device by mid-2017.

If Microsoft does intend on releasing a cellular Surface device in the near future, then there is every chance that such a smartphone device will incorporate ‘Windows 10 Mobile’ hardware. Interestingly, there were earlier whispers that a team of Microsoft engineers is secretly working on a new smartphone project under the guidance of company executive Panos Panay.

According to rumors, any upcoming Surface Phone will incorporate power processing similar to what entry-level Surface devices incorporate. Such processing power will surely spell trouble for the leading devices in the smartphone industry.

There were a few reports earlier which suggested that Microsoft will look to incorporate the powerful Snapdragon 830 processing chipset which would provide the device with a huge advantage over rival smartphones.

Also, the company is expected to release three variants of its next-generation smartphone device. The Surface Phone is tipped to arrive in an entry-level ‘consumer model,’ a mid-range ‘business edition,’ and a high-end ‘enthusiast model.’

The high-end variant of the device is said to be the most tech-savvy model of the upcoming Surface Phone. Rumors suggest that the much-rumored Surface Phone will arrive with a 5-inch OLED display which should give it another boost to compete in the smartphone market.

The device is tipped to come with internal storage options which stretch from 64GB to 128GB, backed by a RAM offering from $GB to 6GB. Furthermore, the upcoming Surface Phone is expected to incorporate a 20MP Carl-Zeiss back camera which will allow the device to go toe-to-toe with the upcoming iPhone and Galaxy smartphone models.

It is important to remember that this article is based on popular rumors and nothing can be certain until Microsoft itself does not confirm the arrival of its next-generation smartphone device. Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding the Redmond company’s upcoming projects.


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