GAME Reported to Price Nintendo Switch from just £199.99

Nintendo Switch

#NintendoSwitch #GamingGAME Reported to Price Nintendo Switch from just £199.99 : While still to be confirmed to the public, reports are now suggesting that the Nintendo Switch will retail here in the UK from just £199.99, this is certainly affordable, but keep in mind the key word here is “from” as there is already expected to be a lighter bundle and more inclusive bundle in retail stores at launch, and Nintendo only set RRP for UK, so it can be adjust be retailers to suit the market.

There’s also word of a bundle which includes more internal storage and a bundled game, which will have an RRP of £249.99, but that’s pretty standard stuff anyway and if not an official bundle, retailers would quickly create their own similar bundles. Switch Pro Controllers are expected to launch for £39.99, which is again pretty on track with everyone’s expectations.

The price sounds about right, any more would be crazy given that the unit is basically an Nvidia Shield tablet on newer hardware, ok not exactly like that, but close enough. The whole unit is essentially contained in the tablet component, with a TV dock for charging and video output.

What do you think of these prices? Personally, we think they’re pretty fair and it would be silly to expect them to launch for anything less at this time. Let us know in the comments section below.


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