New Tank Fighter 2 Game On Facebook Has Me Totally Hooked!

#Game #NewTankFighter2 –  New Tank Fighter 2 Game On Facebook Has Me Totally Hooked!  : A few days ago my bachelor mate Richie called me up and told me about this super addictive game on Facebook that he can’t stop playing called Tank Fighter 2.

Being a bit of a gaming buff myself, I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about, so I logged into my Facebook account, searched for Tank Fighter 2 and boy oh boy, did I get hooked.

Tank Fighter 2 is a strange hybrid beast of a game. While it has all the strategy elements of games like War Commander and Command & Conquer, it is also super fast and action packed because you actually control your tank during battles with your keyboard and mouse, as well as commanding your own private army. It’s a little bit like Command and Conquer on steroids, but fighting real people instead of the computer.

You basically build and fortify your base (think sandbags, turrets, mines etc.), hire a private army (snipers, attack helicopters, rocket launchers – even kamikaze bombers) and then launch an attack on other players bases to steal their hard earned dollars and steel.

You start off with just your tank and a few basic fortifications, but the more you play, the more troops, tanks and defenses are introduced to the game and at the higher levels the adrenaline will be literally poring out of your eyeballs.source:thedudes


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