Samsung Galaxy S7 Claims Its Latest Victim: A Dumb Mistake?

Samsung Galaxy S7

#GalaxyS7 #SmartphoneSamsung Galaxy S7 Claims Its Latest Victim: A Dumb Mistake? : Ever since Samsung’s fire-prone smartphone line came to the scene, even people who had little interest in technology came to know the dangers about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and owners who bought the device immediately swapped their Galaxy Note 7 for another device in fear of their safety. Sadly, Samsung’s fire-prone smartphone line has not yet died out.

The Victim’s Story

According to a written article at Fortune, a man from Winnipeg, capital and largest city of the province of Manitoba in Canada, had his Samsung Galaxy S7 explode on his hands. In the interview, Amarjit Mann told the reporters that he was driving in Winnipeg on a beautiful Sunday when he suddenly noticed a “warmth” feeling in one of his pockets.

He then checked his pocket and took out his Samsung Galaxy S7 that was in the pocket where the warmth was coming from and the device allegedly “exploded right away” on his hands. Amarjit Mann is a mechanic by trade.

The unfortunate experience that burned his hands and a spark from the smartphone that hit his face just under the eye (which eye is not specified) had him stay out of work for a while until he can fully regain the use of his hands. The doctors who treated him told the reporters that it will take up to nine days for his burned hands to heal.

What He Plans To Do

Samsung Galaxy S7’s latest victim plans to sue Samsung for what has happened to him. Amarjit Mann also told the reporters that carrying a Samsung Galaxy S7 is like carrying a bomb and the public must be aware of it. But the public is already aware of it, right? For the past few months, Samsung has been criticized time and time again about their latest smartphones.

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