MacBook Pro 2016 Updated with Touch Bar Available on Shelves

MacBook Pro 2016

#MacBookPro #MacBookPro2016MacBook Pro 2016 Updated with Touch Bar Available on Shelves : Apple’s MacBook Pro with touch bar has been seen in a few official Apple stores already, the downside is that the new MacBook Pro with touch bar is sold only in limited quantities at the moment. Apple fans that preordered the new MacBook Pro have already received their new laptops on 11 November. The new Apple laptops are selling rather well even surpassing their competitors in sales percentages already.

Hardware Specs

The new Apple laptop has been unveiled in October at Apple’s official event. The MacBook Pro sports a horizontal OLED touch screen that replaces the F keys with the newly implemented touch bar. The new touch bar is available only on the more expensive versions of the laptop, the 15 inch and 13 inch models, the touch bar can also be added to the 13 inch model by paying extra amount of cash.

The MacBook Pro versions that do not include the new touch bar are equipped with a 2.0 GHz Intel Core i5 processor paired with an Intel Iris Graphics 540 GPU. The devices are going to sport 8G GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD internal storage space.

Even though the new Apple laptops have been selling well, Apple is receiving a good amount of criticism as well, because they removed many important ports including the SD card slot among others. Another reason Apple is receiving bad feedback is because of the expensive prices. The base model of MacBook Pro costs $14999 and the price goes as high as $2799 for the 15 inch variant.

MacBook Pro Available in Apple Stores

The new MacBook Pro has been spotted in Apple shops in Fairview, Walnut Creek, California and Rancho Cucamonga. The locations have been confirmed by customers that managed to get their hands on the new tablet. New York and New Jersey are also rumored to have the new laptop on their shelves.


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