Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Leaks Spotted in Two Variants

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

#Samsung #GalaxyTabS3Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Leaks Spotted in Two Variants : The fact that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was a complete disaster is no mystery to anyone. The Galaxy Note 7 shipped with very important battery malfunction that caused their batteries to randomly explode and that meant that Samsung had to give their customers money back, but the most important problem is that Samsung’s name and reputation were damaged. Reports are showing that in order to repair their mistakes and return the Samsung brand to what it was before, the tech giant will launch the Galaxy Tab S3 at the same time with their Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 has been spotted on the import export website called Zauba and the device was priced at $505. Even though the price was posted on Zauba, Samsung fans should keep in mind that the price of the gadget is going to change, and we can’t know for sure how much the Galaxy Tab S3 will cost until Samsung officially announces it.

There are reports to indicate that Samsung has taken their Galaxy Tab S3 in India for research development. This is the case with most Samsung devices because Samsung’s research development department is situated in India.

Tech experts are speculating that the new Galaxy Tab S3 will be equipped with an Exynos 8890 processor that’s paired with the high end Adreno 510 graphics card. The new device will surely feature a Super AMOLED display, mainly because this is the standard display technology Samsung is using for new devices. The other hardware components will surely be above average components.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is expected to be launched in two different variants. The two variants are going to differ in size and internal storage space, and of course price. We can expect Samsung to unveil their new gadgets during the first quarter of 2017.


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