Microsoft Surface Pro 5
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumored to Run on Android OS

#Microsoft #SurfacePro5Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumored to Run on Android OS : It looks like Android fans will have something to be happy about in the upcoming Surface Pro 5. Rumor has it that Microsoft is considering releasing a version of the tablet running on the latest Android OS.

According to the said rumor, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will come with Android 7.0 Nougat as a variant. This may very well be an attractive addition to Microsoft’s portfolio as it will surely get the attention of Android aficionados.

Since its very first release, the Surface Pro has used the Windows operating system out-of-the-box. Although currently unheard of for the Surface Pro, some tablets have already started adopting the Android OS.

One good example is the Lenovo Yoga Book that runs on either Windows or Android. This 2-in-1 device comes with Android OS as well as Windows operating system. Having the Android on the Surface Pro 5 will open up a lot of features that are currently not available on the tablet.

Lenovo Yoga Book running on Android OS (via

The Surface Pro 5 was first rumored to be released last October during Microsoft’s hardware event. However, fans were a bit disappointed when they did not hear any mention of the tablet. Instead, Microsoft unveiled an updated version of the Surface Book.

Now, many believe that Microsoft will release the much awaited Surface Pro 5 sometime in the Spring of 2017. Along with it, a myriad of new features are also rumored for the tablet.

Among the list of rumors is the purported use of the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors. According to sources, the new processor will become available by the end of 2016. From then until the Surface Pro 5’s release, Microsoft will already have enough time to play around with the new processor.

Another thing to come with the Surface Pro 5 is the Windows 10 Redstone 2 update. It has long been rumored that Microsoft is working on the biggest Windows 10 Anniversary update so far. However, the software giant decided against its release a few months back to include support for a Kaby Lake processor. Source: Thebitbag

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  • zeddy303

    Right. Microsofts flagship computer is going to run a crappy mobile OS instead of their own. This is the stupidest rumor I’ve heard all year.

  • Epicurus_P

    They are saying it’s an either/or scenario. Windows 10 is a hit so they won’t be ditching it.

    Running windows 10 and android would be perfect. The windows store is still so far behind that I would love to have a dual android/windows tablet.

    • luigimx

      you don’t need to run android, you can use any android emulator on windows, or use a VM.

  • Dan

    I’ll call BS on this. To my limited understanding, Microsoft would either have to completely redevelop the product to have an ARM processor or to create their own Android port to work with a modern Intel Core processor. Neither of these seems like it makes any sense financially to build and they would be left supporting two different OS environments.

    There are unofficial Android ports to work on x86, but none of them have been fully fleshed out and many Android apps (including MS Office, from what I’ve heard) are built only for ARM processors. Perhaps Microsoft wants to make another “Windows RT” mistake…

    On the other hand, if it does have an ARM processor, why would you want Android on a premium workhorse device anyway? Android is still very much a mobile OS and cannot support a business workload like Windows can.