Microsoft Surface Studio Review: A Solid Creatives Contender

Microsoft Surface Studio Review

#SurfaceStudio #DesktopMicrosoft Surface Studio Review: A Solid Creatives Contender : Microsoft has developed Microsoft Surface Studio, a new PC aimed at creative people such as graphic designers, digital artists and anyone inclined to do art.

Microsoft’s device is a solid contender for the all-in-one iMacs and Wacom’s Cintiq displays. The Surface Studio is an essential tool that can easily be included in an artist’s arsenal.

Professional digital artists were given the chance to try the Microsoft Surface Studio and generally came away impressed. Some were even astounded how close the experience mimicked using their own carefully crafted rigs, The Verge reported.

Artists prefer not to have their work completely flat, parallel to the ground, so by design, the new device is easily adjusted to any angle. The device utilizes a trick hinge that holds the monitor up, between 90 and 20 degrees. The Studio’s monitor doubles as a large 28-inch tablet. As such, it was likened to a small drafting table.

In addition to the stylus, input can be made with the Surface Dial, which is a small puck-like device that has several different functions. It is connected via bluetooth and can be placed on the artist’s desk or on the screen to be used like a radio dial.

Some users claim that the stylus and Dial tandem feel very natural. It is very intuitive and inputs are very easy to make. Artists have grown accustomed to a certain degree of cursor-to-stylus offset parallax found in current devices. However, the Microsoft Surface Studio does not suffer from the same phenomenon.

To be fully satisfied, some artists agree that there is room for improving. Adding certain features like rotating the image, a slip resisting Dial and a more ergonomic stylus, for example.

Microsoft calls their high resolution monitor PixelSense. It boasts 4,500 x 3,000 pixels with tree color profiles, perfect when working on very high-res photography and 4K video editing.

Connectivity-wise, the PC isn’t lacking. It has multiple USB-A ports an SD card slot, a Mini DisplayPort and an Ethernet jack. The one caveat is these are all in the rear of the base.

Cnet reports that the Surface Studio is $3,000 to $4,200 in the US, without including the $99 Surface Dial. However, through Dec. 1, preorders will have the Dial included. Source: universityherald


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