Can Microsoft’s Upcoming Phone Help Windows Phone OS Rise From the Ashes?

Windows Phone OS

#WindowsPhone #HPEliteCan Microsoft’s Upcoming Phone Help Windows Phone OS Rise From the Ashes? : Microsoft Corporation has been struggling with its Windows phone for a very long time. It made several failed efforts to grab a sizable chunk of the smartphone market by riding on the back of its flagship devices like Nokia Lumia series and the latest HP Elite X3.

However, Android and iOS devices continue to rule the market. According to the latest rumour, HP and Microsoft are one again gearing up to launch a Windows 10 powered smartphone in early 2017. The device is rumoured to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2017 as a successor of HP Elite X3.

The specifications of the device are unknown. Given the fact that both Microsoft and HP need to make a mark in the market, we can expect interesting and attractive upgrades in the device.

The Elite X3 hosts Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM, 64GB storage and a 16-megapixel camera which means we can expect more advanced Snapdragon 835, 6-8 GB RAM, different storage capacity versions and a better camera quality in the upcoming version.

But hardware specifications are not the primary reason behind the disappointing performance of Windows Phones in the market. Windows mobiles are failing to make a mark because of its OS – Windows Phone OS.

Windows Phone OS Failure

Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS have always failed to provide its users with a great experience. To provide a unified and seamlessly integrated experience between mobile and desktop the company is powering all mobile devices with Windows 10 OS.

The interface, however, fails to attract the mobile users. It lacks many convenient features, such as control centre, which provides access to general settings and controls. On the other side, these features are frequently used and are offered by Android and iOS.

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