Galaxy Note 7 Recall Didn’t Damage Company’s Brand, Samsung Fans Remain Loyal

Galaxy Note 7

#GalaxyNote7 #SamsungGalaxy Note 7 Recall Didn’t Damage Company’s Brand, Samsung Fans Remain Loyal : According to Reuters, the two global Galaxy Note 7 recalls did not damage Samsung’s brand in the United States, and that can probably apply to other countries as well. The survey conducted between October 26 and November 9 found that customers who own a Samsung smartphone were just as loyal to the South Korean brand as Apple fans.

Also, it appears that there were as much customers who learned about the two Galaxy Note 7 recalls and continued to be interested in Samsung smartphones, as those who did not know about the recall.

So, let’s break down the official numbers, as reported by the survey. Apparently, 27% of the people surveyed would still consider a Samsung smartphone despite the two global Galaxy Note 7 recalls.

Only 25% of people who did not know about the recall (yes, there are people who didn’t know about the Galaxy Note 7 recall) would first consider buying a Samsung smartphone.

No less than 91% of the people surveyed and own a Samsung smartphone said that they would most certainly purchase another smartphone manufactured by the South Korean company. Moreover, 92% of current users would probably buy another Samsung product (not a smartphone) in general.

In comparison, 92% of Apple fans would buy another iPhone, while 89% would likely buy another Apple product (not a smartphone). During the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung offered owners of the phablet the option to switch it for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge smartphone.

However, the South Korean company did not announced how many Galaxy Note 7 customers decided to go for this particular offer. Reuters notes the poll was conducted online in English in all 50 states.

Exactly 2,375 customers who own Samsung phones and 3,158 people who own iPhones were surveyed. It’s also worth noting that the poll has a credibility interval, a measure of accuracy, of 2% points. Source: softpedia


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