‘Super Mario Run’ release date on iOS devices announced by Nintendo

Super Mario Run

#SuperMario #Nintendo ‘Super Mario Run’ release date on iOS devices announced by Nintendo : Nintendo has just announced that it will release its first mobile game “Super Mario Run” on Dec. 15. The game, which features the iconic plumber, will be the available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch.

“Super Mario Run” will be the first mobile game developed by the Japanese software and consumer electronics giant after Miitomo. The Android version of the game can be expected at a later date, Mirror reported.

While players can download the mobile game free, they will be required to pay $9.91 to unlock the complete game. “Super Mario Run” may seem to be quite high-priced, as most mobile games are offered free but unlike other mobile games, it will not pursue the gamers for more money via purchase in-game apps.

Described by Nintendo as an endless runner game, “Super Mario Run” will be available in three different modes, which are Toad Rally, World Tour and Kingdom Builder. It is expected that the game will be a great mobile hit with fans.

According to Nintendo, “Super Mario Run” is the first ever “Super Mario Bros.” game that has been specifically developed for mobile devices. In the game, Mario runs forward on his own, but depends on single finger taps to clear obstacles, keep away from enemies, achieve stylish moves, accumulate coins as well as arrive at the flagpole to complete different courses.

Nintendo announced “Super Mario Run” in September and the company kept the details regarding the game a closely guarded secret until recently. On Nov. 15, Tuesday, Nintendo released the first glimpse of the game and some details via a new trailer.

Look-wise, “Super Mario Run” is quite similar to the popular typical game Super Mario World, but the graphics of the upcoming game bear more resemblance to “Super Mario Bros.” The key distinction between “Super Mario Run” and other archetypal “Mario” games is that the upcoming game will not require any directional buttons.

In the game, Mario keeps running on his own and this may prove to be rather challenging for the gamers, who will require timing their moves very cautiously. In fact, they will not have much time to mull over strategy. Many are of the view that the upcoming mobile game has been inspired by the success of “Flappy Bird.” Source: Yibada

Watch the first look of “Super Mario Run” :


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