Microsoft Surface Phone
Microsoft Surface Phone To Come With Surface Pro 5 In MWC 2017?

#SurfacePhone #MWC2017Microsoft Surface Phone To Come With Surface Pro 5 In MWC 2017? : Microsoft revenues took a hit after Nokia acquisition. To revive the smartphone business, rumors are building up that Microsoft is developing Microsoft Windows Surface Phone.

According to credible Windows website, Dr.Windows, the new surface phone will embrace some of the top features of erstwhile Lumia along with new exciting features. It is believed that the surface phone is being built by Microsoft in collaboration with HP.

Microsoft Surface Phone may come back strongly with its powerful specs and features to lure customers into its smartphones business. As per Yibada, It is to be packed with a fingerprint scanner on the screen rather than the home button, which is vogue with other brands.

Further, the Surface phone may be embedded with Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor (again unheard in any brand), supported by a RAM of 8GB and stylus. Presumably, the stylus will be powered by its own battery, unlike the Surface book that charges stylus when it connected to the magnetic dock.

In October 2016, Microsoft has announced the launch of Surface studio and Surface Book i7 into the family during the release of Windows 10 event. This further strengthens the rumors that Microsoft is planning something big next year.

Earlier, it is rumored that Microsoft is planning to launch Surface Phone in Fall 2016 but was scrapped or at least postponed due to non-availability of some components.

Nevertheless, the Microsoft is expected to showdown its prowess in Mobile World Congress, to be held in February 2017. It may showcase its new flagship products-Surface Phone, alongside with Surface Pro 5.

As reported by GamenGuide, Surface Pro 5 is a hybrid (2-in-1) model with both Laptop and Tablet. Microsoft fans expected Surface Pro 5 would be released in October 2016 but to their disappointment, only Windows 10 was released. This hybrid is expected to outsmart iPad Pro 2 and MacBook Pro 2016.

Microsoft is stretching its legs on several fronts in technological innovations. It would be interesting to see if they unify Mobile, PC, and tablet under advanced windows platform with multiple smart devices. Source: counselheal