Windows Surface Phone 2017
Microsoft News & Updates: Specs, Features, Windows Surface Phone 2017 and Surface Pro 5 To Be Released in Feb 2017

#SurfacePhone #SurfaceProMicrosoft News & Updates: Specs, Features, Windows Surface Phone 2017 and Surface Pro 5 To Be Released in Feb 2017 : It is rumored that Windows Surface phone will be released in 2017. This is going to be a big leap from the last Windows 10 phone release. The Windows Surface Phone will be based on the old Lumia handsets. The rebranded phones will retain Lumia features such as ClearBlack screens as well as Glance and others.

Also expected to be released with the Windows Surface phone is the improved Microsoft Surface Pro 5 tablet-laptop hybrid. Windows has put a lot of effort into the Surface hybrid series. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to pack more features, especially since it will be using Windows 10 and coming on the heels of the Surface Studio.

Newseveryday mentioned that these both devices Windows Surface phone and Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be announced during the 2017 Mobile World Congress. In the meantime, the company is busy with upgrades to the current Surface Pro 4. Some may see this as a confusing signal, because it does not make sense to upgrade the current crop of product, if the new one will be released soon.

Windows phones have had a history of flat sales since it was first released. It has not made any dent in smartphone sales in terms of volume or in revenue. It has been reported that the total market share of all phones running Microsoft Windows is at 1%. If the new release proves a success, these numbers might increase a little bit.

According to PCWorld, there were earlier rumors that the Windows Surface phone would be released last October. However, there was no mention of a phone during the October press event where the Surface Studio was announced.

MSPowerUser also reported that there was also a rumor that Microsoft is partnering with HP in the development of a Windows 10 phone. HP had released the HP Elite X3 phone during the 2016 Mobile World Congress. Source: parentherald

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