Pyramid in the Antarctic
Pyramid in the Antarctic? alien base is hidden in a huge triangular structure

#Pyramid #AntarticPyramid in the Antarctic? alien base is hidden in a huge triangular structure : A strange theory claiming that there is a mysterious pyramid in the Antarctic has emerged. Conspiracy theorists have posted a video on YouTube, in which they claim that US Secretary of State, John Kerry, visited Antarctica last week to visit an ‘alien base’ within the pyramid. The video suggests that the images have been taken from Google Earth, but it is unclear whether they have been edited.

The video was posted by Third Phase of the Moon, a YouTube channel that regularly posts conspiracy theories on aliens.

It shows a pyramid-like structure in the snow, with a Google Earth-type label and pin. The label reads ‘Antartica Pyramid’ – a misspelling of Antarctica, which suggests that image might have been doctored.

Responses to the video have varied, with some users backing-up the claims, such as James Jason, who commented: ‘Excellent report Third Phase, I also believe things are about to get very dramatic, and that is for everyone on our planet.’

But others have dismissed it, such as Gordon Anderson, who said: ‘I have spent a LOT of time on snow covered mountains- skiing down, and this looks natural to me – not man made anyway!’

Others have joked that John Kerry was there for other reasons, such as Daniel Schultz, who commented: ‘#27 on his bucket list, fly to Antarctica and make “snow angels” where no man has gone before.’ It is unclear what the structure could be, but it looks similar to a nunatak – a natural mountain peak that juts up above glaciers.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told MailOnline: ‘Pictures of the pyramid structures are either photoshopped, cropped pictures to make the mountains look more like pyramids or simply pictures of natural formations called nunataks.

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