Quantum Leap
Microsoft Corporation Makes a Quantum Leap For Mankind

#Microsoft #QuantumLeapMicrosoft Corporation Makes a Quantum Leap For Mankind : Microsoft Corporation is making one giant quantum leap for mankind. The tech titan is betting big on quantum computers. Reportedly, Microsoft is putting a lot of its resources into quantum computing as the tech firm aims to construct machines that may solve problems that today’s generation of computers cannot. In other words, quantum computers come straight out of science fiction.

Microsoft Corporation Taking a Quantum Leap

Microsoft became a global billion-dollar brand in the 1990s with personal computers and software. Bill Gates and his team revolutionized technology and brought in a new era. Microsoft is hoping it can do this again with quantum computers.



Writing in a blog post over the weekend, Microsoft confirmed that it is putting in financial and engineering muscle into the “tantalizing field of quantum computing.” The tech giant says that it will produce a quantum computer using “a topological qubit.”

This is the quantum counterpart of a digital bit; rather than existing as either 0 or 1, qubits exist as both 0 and 1 at the same time. This makes the speeds for processing information much faster than today’s form of computing. Sounds highly complicated, right? Yes, and that is why Microsoft is researching it first.

Todd Holmdahl, a veteran engineer, will head the project. He has been successful with the Xbox video game console and the HoloLens augmented reality system. Holmdahl concurs that more research is necessary.

“Once we get the first qubit figured out, we have a road map that allows us to go to thousands of qubits in a rather straightforward way,” Holmdahl said. “None of these things are a given. But you have to take some amount of risk in order to make a big impact in the world, and I think we’re at the point now that we have the opportunity to do that.”

Can you expect to see a quantum computer on store shelves anytime soon? Nope. Since qubits are hard to manage – they can collapse from too much heat and need to be built in cold environments – it is going to be a long time before the average household will have such a device in their homes. Also, many experts are still debating to determine if quantum computers will even be created.

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