Surface Book
Microsoft Surface Phone May Have Delayed Surface Book

#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface Phone May Have Delayed Surface Book : It is no secret that Microsoft wishes to expand its product line-up and their next major release is a Surface phone. The success of the Surface Pro tablets has prompted Microsoft to make a second attempt in the smartphone market and their idea is to launch the ultimate smartphone.

Microsoft has confirmed that the rumoured Surface phone is true and the device is expected to get unveiled next year. The Surface phone will be tailored for extreme exclusivity, much like the iPhones for Apple.

The thing is that the Surface phone won’t be the only product coming from Microsoft. Several reports have suggests the development of a brand new tablet that is a toned down version of the Surface Pro.

Dubbed as the Surface Book, the slate will be tailored for entertainment and reading functions and it will compete directly with the iPads. With Microsoft moving the stars and moon for the Surface phone, it is understandable why the Surface Book is not announced yet. We can expect the Surface Book to step into development once the Surface Phone is out.

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