Nintendo Switch Price
Nintendo Switch Price and Features Available

#Nintendo #NintendoSwitchNintendo Switch Price and Features Available : Tech experts have been speculating that the new Nintendo Switch will be priced around $249 for a while now and it looks like they were right. The English retailer, Gameseek recently listed the Nintendo Switch console for pre-order on their site for the price of £198.50.

The UK based retailer has been informed about the price by Nintendo themselves, who informed the store that the basic SKU (stock keeping unit) is £199.99 and that there is another SKU that’s priced at £249.99. The more expensive version of Nintendo Switch proves that there will be a larger internal storage space variant that will also come bundled with an additional game. Now we can’t know for sure how much will the console cost in different regions of the world because Nintendo has first convert the price.

The new Nintendo console will surely be a complete success and will sell well in all regions of the world. The console combines both elements of home gaming and handheld experience into one device. This was to be expected from Nintendo since they are known for releasing the portable 3DS console. The console is regarded as a hybrid because it will give players the option to take gaming wherever they are going either on their commute to work or to the park. The console owner can connect the device to his home TV and enjoy the full gaming experience.

When Nintendo unveiled the trailer for their new console everyone was hyped up and the video managed to gather over 21 millions views in under a month. Game developers have also reported that they will release Nintendo Switch versions of their games in the standard cartridge form and also Nintendo Switch will have exclusive titles such as The Legend of Zelda.