AMD RX 490
Would The AMD RX 490 Help Against Nvidia Domination?

#AMD #AMDRX490Would The AMD RX 490 Help Against Nvidia Domination? : We have heard rumors regarding the AMD RX 490 coming out by the end of the year. It is even listed on the AMD roadmaps and site. Partners also have the AMD RX 490 listed and it would seem that we will get the GPU in December.

Word has it that the reveal and release will be on the same day. But the question is will the AMD RX 490 help against Nvidia domination? Nvidia has dominated the market the from high-end GTX 1080 all the way down to the GTX 1050 entry level GPU.

I firmly believe that the AMD RX 490 is too late to the game. The GTX 1080 has sold better than any GPU that Nvidia has made. It has been more successful than the GTX 980 as well as the GTX 980 Ti. We have also heard rumors about the GTX 1080 Ti coming out next year.

Having all that in mind. I think that it is too late for AMD to release the AMD RX 490. People that wanted a high-end GPU have already bought one. Or they have gone for a mid-range GPU, whatever suited their budget.

The upcoming GPU is expected to have 4609 stream processors, the GTX 1080 has 2560 CUDA cores and the GTX 1080 Ti is expected to pack 3328 CUDA cores. It is still unclear whether the AMD RX 490 will feature the Vega architecture or it will be a dual Polaris GPU.

If the AMD RX 490 is indeed a dual GPU then one thing that would make it perfect for VR would be that each processor could work on the graphical rendering for each eye. But then the AMD RX 490 would be for people that are VR enthusiasts.

As VR is pretty expensive I do not see how this GPU is going to be purchasable by the masses and this was the strategy that AMD was going with the RX 400 series GPUs. RX 480meant to bring VR to the masses even though headsets are pretty expensive.

All these reasons make the AMD RX 490 a tough GPU to sell. With the hype of the GTX 1080 Ti coming out next year it could be a bad time for this GPU to come out even though it is already late.

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