Alien Invasion 2016
Alien Invasion 2016: Humans Are Still Not Ready For Aliens!; How To Survive Alien Attack?

#Alien #UFOAlien Invasion 2016: Humans Are Still Not Ready For Aliens!; How To Survive Alien Attack? : Extraterrestrial life remains to be one of the hottest topics today. According to experts, the humanity is not prepared for alien invasion. So, this article will guide you in case the dreaded invasion happens.

A number of sci-fi movies featured the aliens invading the earth. For several years, there have been a number of studies about the possibility of life beyond earth and reports have it that it is feasible.

Malcolm Robinson, founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI) believes that alien invasion is possible. According to him, films like “Independence Day: Resurgence” have given us an idea that aliens want to destroy the human race.

He added that the humans’ attempt to contact other planets could entice these extraterrestrial beings to come to the Earth, the Telegraph reported.

Unfortunately, despite the people’s effort, the humanity is not ready for the arrival of aliens. Veteran alien hunter Seth Shostak told that there is no protocol when aliens land on earth and he will be surprised if there is one.

The astronomers have been taking a series of recommended actions when a signal from an alien civilization is detected. However, there is no effort to address the E.T’s arrival. So, what will you do, in case, alien attacks happen?

Steve Hart of UK Prepper’s Guide keeps an emergency bag. His supply includes rations, a water filter, medical supplies, clothes and a wind-up radio. For him, staying at home is a safe place in case of alien invasion. It already provides one a shelter and familiar surroundings. Everything else that one needs is at his home.

As for storing the supply, he advised that one should spread it out at different locations. It will also help if an emergency bag is ready, in case, there is a need to depart the home.

Lastly, one should prepare a “bug out location” to go to. Do you agree that you are not ready for an alien invasion? How will you prepare for an alien attack? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Source: parentherald

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