Fallout 4 PS4
Fallout 4 PS4: Mod Axing Placed In Consideration

#Fallout4 #PS4Fallout 4 PS4: Mod Axing Placed In Consideration : Fallout 4 is a great game to play but over on the PS4, the experience has been tainted by the growing number of cheaters. The majority of the gamers have lodged a complaint against the cheaters and Bethesda is now cracking on it.

The game developer discovered that the cheats are being smuggled into Fallout 4 on the PS4 through the mod system. Bethesda then listed out the cheat mods that have been removed and you can check it out at the end of the article.

What worries us is that the mod system in PS4’s Fallout 4 may get disabled entirely. Bethesda shared that it is an option they are tempted to take if things really go out of hand. The game developer will continue to monitor the situation and warn cheaters against spoiling Fallout 4.

1) The Cheat Terminal: Allows access into computers where you can activate cheats, for example, changing the weather and infinite ammunition.
2) Everyone’s Best Friend: You’ll be able to take Dogmeat and a companion when on a adventure.
3) Unlimited Building: Allows changes of variables to higher numbers.
4) Unlimited Crafting Container: Allows storage for everything you may want close to Vault 111.
5) Apply Legendary Effects To Guns: You’ll be able to make your own useful Legendary gear.

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