Google Pixel XL
Google Pixel XL helps Android OS shine more against iOS? LG V20 closest competitor

#GooglePixelXL #LGV20Google Pixel XL helps Android OS shine more against iOS? LG V20 closest competitor : Google Pixel could be the start of what the search engine giant has to offer in terms of hardware with their Android software, as it competes with other flagships like the LG V20.

In the past few years, Google has been dominating only the software aspect of the smartphone market with their Android operating system. They stayed on top of the market share against Apple’s iOS software even with the Cupertino-based tech company’s iPhones.

Google seems to be aiming for control both in the hardware and software aspect of their product with the Pixel and their future smartphones, NDTV reported. Apple has done exactly that for several years with their iOS updates and never-ending iPhone models.

Android was supposed to be open for all but the exclusivity of some features in the Pixel phones could be seen as a hypocritical move. For instance, the new Daydream VR headset is only compatible with few smartphones, with Pixel being the first. They also have the exclusive Google Assistant to help users access their phone features easier.

The Google Pixel XL smartphone has the latest SoC from Qualcomm called the Snapdragon 821, making it faster than the LG V20 which is equipped with the Snapdragon 820. Both the Google Pixel XL and the LG V20 perform faster than previous smartphones with the latter only finishing tasks a few seconds later than the former, Gigjets reported.

In terms of display, the LG V20 does hold a larger screen at 5.7 inches. It also has a second screen on top that acts as a shortcut for some frequently used apps or to simply push notifications.

The Google Pixel XL has a smaller 5.5-inch screen but it still has the same QHD 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution with the LG V20. Its tinier screen actually makes it look clearer because it has a higher pixel density.

Consumers will need to watch out for what Google will release next preferably in 2017. Their Pixel lineup could change how their Android OS performs with other manufacturers that also use the software. Source: yibada