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Microsoft Internally Confirms Consumer Windows Phone Due in February

#HPElitex3 #SmartphoneMicrosoft Internally Confirms Consumer Windows Phone Due in February : It looks like HP is now working on a consumer Windows phone that could see daylight as soon as early 2017, and judging from the success of the Elite X3, this could be a really exciting project.

Details are very scarce right now, but German site Dr. Windows reports that HP is working with Microsoft on a Windows 10 Mobile device that’s specifically aimed at consumers – the Elite X3 is indeed a super-flagship, but it’s specifically aimed at businesses.

The upcoming Windows phone could use technology from the Lumia lineup, including ClearBlack screens, and adopt features such as Glance screen – which is missing on the HP Elite X3, so HP is clearly aiming for consumers with this new model.

“Coming in February 2017”

According to the same report, Microsoft has internally confirmed a Windows phone coming in February 2017, and it’s believed that this is the new HP model. The timing aligns perfectly with the Mobile World Congress, the same event that witnessed the introduction of the Elite X3, so it makes sense for HP to join the conference with another model for Windows Phone fans.

Furthermore, a consumer phone from HP also comes in line with Microsoft’s plans of supporting the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem and working with partners on new devices, as the company itself explained earlier this year.

“We will continue to support and update the Lumia devices that are currently in the market, and the development of Windows 10 phones by OEMs, such as HP, Acer, Alcatel, VAIO, and Trinity; as well as develop great new devices,” the firm said in a statement sent to partners in May.

It goes without saying that the arrival of a new consumer Windows phone from a company like HP is a breath of fresh air for Windows 10 Mobile, especially given the hard time the platform is going through at the moment.

Users and developers alike are leaving for Android and iOS, so it’ll be interesting to see how many people would actually try the upcoming consumer phone from HP. Or better said, how many consumers will still be in the Windows Phone world at the time of its launch. Source: softpedia