#microsoft #SurfaceStudioMICROSOFT SURFACE STUDIO WILL BE SHIPPING FROM THIS WEEK : Per the CEO, Microsoft’s team is now carrying out a research on innovative technology, so that the company could ensure that its next entry into the smartphone market would be felt by its competitors and the consumers in general. That device is believed to be the Surface Phone, which has been rumored for a long time.

The only hints we received were from Microsoft’s Satya Nadella which teased the device in an interview with the Australian Financial. It would be interesting to see if they unify Mobile, PC, and tablet under advanced windows platform with multiple smart devices.

Though he did not mention the Surface Phone or any specific gadget they are coming up with, the Microsoft CEO stated that he is confident of the company’s goal to bring in an innovative cloud computing would be successful.

The 2017 Microsoft Surface Phone is considered as Microsoft’s comeback in the smartphone market. The new Microsoft does not want to look at the overwhelming dominance of Android worldwide with jealousy, but creating from scratch?

According to an article posted on MacRumors, rumors include the Surface Phone’s compatibility with a Surface Book or a Surface Studio. One standout capability could be x86 app emulation on Windows 10 devices, allowing traditional Windows desktop programs to be run on smartphone processors. The addition of a phone completes the company’s product line.

In the highly competitive electronic gadget market, imitation may indeed be the highest form of flattery as numerous brands do usually copy other more successful manufacturers in the hopes of becoming a cheaper or more powerful alternative to the said brand.

While Nadella has talked about the Surface Phone recently, teasing that the device is both unique and a game-changer in the making, he stopped short of revealing the juicy details such as basic specifications and possible release timing.

So apparently Microsoft isn’t denaturing the mobile business. Currently Microsoft is offering all pre-order purchases of the Surface Studio with a free Surface Dial – a $99 dollar value accessory that made many waves during Microsoft’s popular Surface Studio commercial (10 million views on a freaking commercial).

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