Nostradamus Predictions 2017
Nostradamus Predictions 2017: China Becomes Superpower, North & South Korea Unite?

#Nostradamus #ChinaNostradamus Predictions 2017: China Becomes Superpower, North & South Korea Unite?: After the stunned reactions about Donald Trump’s US electoral win, the internet is now bombarded with searches on what the Nostradamus predictions 2017 are.

The famous French seer, Nostradamus, has published a book of prophecies that have since become widely popular. He has been credited with his predictions that the following would happen: 1.) United States’ World Trade Center would collapse. 2.) The great fire of London. 3.) The rise of Hitler and Napoleon.

Before Nostradamus passed away sometime in 1566, he has predicted numerous events to happen in 2017, reports Morning News USA. His predictions, by the way, have been trending since Trump became the next US president, as what’s been predicted.

Nostradamus Predictions 2017
China Becomes The World’s Superpower

The Asia’s giant is predicted to make bold moves in a bid to cure the world’s “economic imbalance.” As reported by Alex Noudelman via his blog, Nostradamus once stated that China’s actions would have far reaching effects.

Baba Vanga, the blind psychic who predicted the rise of ISIS happened to proclaim that China would become the new superpower as well.

In the last 40 years, China has been able to escalate from being a marginal player on the global stage to a powerhouse that has garnered $2 trillion of foreign direct investment.

The North And South Korea Will Unite

The rival Korean countries would reportedly merge, signaling the end of Kim Jong-un’s reign. The present North Korean president would be dethroned and would seek refuge in Russia.

Kim Jong-un has been dubbed as “crueller” and even more dangerous than his late father. He inherited his father’s throne upon his December 2011 death. Since that day, Kim Jong-un has sparked hazardous international crisis with his nuclear weapons tests.


He also threatened to launch a nuclear war against South Korea and America. He also released a strange photograph of himself ostensibly in the act of ordering”merciless” nuclear attacks against the US. Source: morningledger

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