Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gains Extended Support

#Samsung #GalaxyS6EdgeSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gains Extended Support : The failed Galaxy Note 7 may have ruined Samsung’s banking accounts and brand reputation but there is a blessing in disguise which many are not aware of.

For starters, the Note 7 features exploding batteries and it could have easily got fixed if the phone is to feature removable batteries. No thanks to the explosions, Samsung may make removable batteries a standard again in their future products.

Then there is the void that is left by the Note 7 and this has forced Samsung to turn back to its older devices. The Galaxy S6 Edge, in particular, has been deprived of timely updates from Samsung and it is facing some software crisis.

Well, this is no longer the case as Samsung has announced on several update plans for the Galaxy S6 Edge to fix every issue and also inject more features into the phone. Just yesterday, a new update was launched for the Galaxy S6 and it helps improve the phone’s security.

So, does this justify the Note 7’s description as being a blessing in disguise? Share with us your thoughts below.