Surface Phone 2017
Surface Phone 2017 may have Features of Surface Book, Surface Studio, and Surface Pro

#SurfacePhone #SurfaceBookSurface Phone 2017 may have Features of Surface Book, Surface Studio, and Surface Pro : More and more news are appearing regarding the Surface Phone 2017. Rumors point to a possible February 2017 release for the much anticipated phone. The rumored release date for the Surface Phone 2017 will coincide with the release of the Surface Pro 5, another highly anticipated Microsoft release.

News site DrWindows claim that Hewlett-Packard is collaborating with Microsoft to create the newest iteration of the Windows 10 smartphone. According to their report, the upcoming Surface Phone 2017 is actually the rebranded line of Lumia smartphones.

People were expecting a Lumia smartphone update this 2016, but did not receive any news from Microsoft. This lack of update in the Lumia line only bolstered the rumors that Microsoft is rebranding the line into the successful Surface product lineup. Check out the current variants of the Microsoft Lumia in their offical website.


The new Surface Phone 2017 is rumored to have features similar to its Surface cousins: the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book.

The most immediate feature people are expecting the Surface Phone to have is compatibility with the Microsoft Surface Pen. The Surface Pen is one of the most successful features of the Surface Pro 4. The pen is very accurate, and opens a world of possibilities for Android smartphone users.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 out of the smartphone picture, Microsoft is perfectly placed to release a phone with stylus compatibility. The Galaxy Note 7’s S Pen is the most unique feature of the dearly departed smartphone. Tech commentators are betting that Microsoft will not disregard the huge opportunity to get the customers who suddenly find themselves bereft of stylus bearing smartphones.

Rumors point to the Surface Phone 2017 having a 5.5 inch AMOLED display, the better to compete with the iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL, both of which have the same display size.

In order to battle iPhone 7’s Siri and the Google Pixel’s Google Assistant, the new Surface Phone 2017 will most likely have Cortana as its built-in voice assistant. USB type C and a 64 bit Intep mobile processor are some of the other rumored Surface Phone specs. Dual rear-facing cameras is also a rumored spec, since most of the phones it will be competing with will have that kind of camera set up.