Apple iPhone 6S
Apple iPhone 6S: Secret Button Will Make SIRI Behave!

#Apple iPhone6S – Apple iPhone 6S: Secret Button Will Make SIRI Behave! : Digital assistant, SIRI, is now seen as a must-have feature on the iOS and this is why Apple is still offering SIRI with every new iPhones. The latest iOS 10 saw SIRI getting improved on and iPhone 6S users are pleased with it.

However, there is one slight problem with SIRI. When you are thinking about the next word to say, SIRI may interrupt you and just read your previous said query. In other words, anything you say will be recognized by SIRI but you can’t pause in between words.


Some may say this is rude of the system but it is actually the users not being aware on how to fully control SIRI. If you are among them, there is a way to prevent SIRI from interrupting your speech.

The tip was provided on our iPhone 6S at random and we are amazed by this new discovery. We tested it out and it works. We also find it useful especially when we have to burp in-between our speech.

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