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Sony Walkman Gets A 'Final Fantasy XV' Edition In Japan

#SonyWalkman #FinalFantasyXVSony Walkman Gets A ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Edition In Japan  : The console version of “Final Fantasy XV” is releasing tomorrow after a very long wait. To celebrate this, Sony Japan has made a Sony Walkman “Final Fantasy XV” special edition player.

True Final Fantasy fans will most likely want to check out the special edition Walkman from Sony. That is not all though, as Sony has also announced a Final Fantasy edition over-the-ear headphone and a Bluetooth speaker.

Sony Walkman ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Edition

The special edition Sony Walkman is based on the A-Series Walkman that features Hi-Res Audio. This version is available in Charcoal Black and has an XV logo at the back alongside pixel versions of characters from the game.

Final Fantasy characters Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto can be found at the back of the player. Sony has included special themes and icons from the game in the user interface. It also comes in a special box.

Two variants of the player will be sold, one with 16GB of storage and another with 32GB. The 16GB variant with model number A35HN-NW/FF will be sold for about $300. The second model A36HN-NW/FF with 32GB of storage will be sold for around $350.

Other Products

Apart from the special Sony Walkman “Final Fantasy XV” edition music player, the company has also released special headphones and a Bluetooth speaker. These are not new products, but they feature the “Final Fantasy XV” logo and dark colors, according to Pocket-lint.

The hear.on MDR-100A headphones come in Charcoal Black with XV logos on both sides. Sony will sell this special pair for around $220. The hear.go SRS-HG1 wireless Bluetooth speaker with “Final Fantasy XV” written on it will be sold for $260.

Unfortunately, The Verge reported that these special edition products will only be sold in Japan. The Sony Walkman “Final Fantasy XV” edition will most likely never make it to the U.S. Those who eagerly want the products will have to find a way to import it. Source : itechpost