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Surface Phone to become the ultimate mobile device

#MicrosoftSurface #SurfacePhoneSurface Phone to become the ultimate mobile device : The Surface Phone is said to bring something completely new to table and Microsoft fans have been speculating for a long time now what kind of new features will the Surface Phone bring, but Microsoft has yet to announce what type of innovative features they will install on the upcoming Surface Phone. The only hints we received were from Microsoft’s Satya Nadella which teased the device in an interview with the Australian Financial.

Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft’s CEO said in an interview that the company is looking to bring something new and innovative to the market, a statement that’s a subtle remark to Apple’s iPhone because Apple has received some flack this year for using the same LCD display and design for a few years now.

Satya Nadella confirmed that Microsoft is going to take a different route and instead of wanting to launch a device that will compete with what’s already on the market, they want to create something entirely new that will be considered as the “ultimate mobile device”.

Everyone is speculating that the upcoming Surface Phone will be designed specially to compliment the other Surface devices but this doesn’t seem to be the case since Microsoft is not interested in releasing a device that doesn’t bring any new never seen before features.

Tech analysts are saying that the device will run on Windows 10 Mobile OS and also sport a physical keyboard and that Microsoft might compete with the HP Elite X3, a smartphone that is believed to be as powerful as a PC.

The last time Microsoft entered the smartphone market was two years ago when they acquired Nokia and launched the Nokia Lumia, which definitely wasn’t a successful device.

If the upcoming Surface Phone will indeed be something new and innovative Microsoft will surely conquer the smartphone market, because right now no other tech company can claim they are trying to create something innovative. Source: News4c