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Microsoft Surface Book 2 release moved to 2017; Specs a MacBook Pro killer?

#SurfaceBook2 #MicrosoftSurfaceMicrosoft Surface Book 2 release moved to 2017; Specs a MacBook Pro killer? : Microsoft seems to be keen on going head-to-head with Apple in the laptop market with rumors of the Surface Book 2 specs beginning to gain online buzz. And according to some reports, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 may pack quite a punch.

University Herald shared that some of the expected features can be based largely on its predecessor- the Surface Book i7. The Surface Book i7 boasted specs that could easily rival the MacBook Pro. And with upgrades all due for the newer Surface Book 2, fans can expect a much powerful and user friendly machine.

One of the highly-anticipated and rumored features of the upcoming release includes Intel’s Kaby Lake processor. In comparison to Apple’s Skylake chipset, Microsoft could up it’s game with the inclusion of Kaby Lake in the Surface Book 2.

“The Intel Kaby Lake processors are 14 nanometre chips offering Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Type-C support,” shared IBT. “As default configuration, they feature up to four cores and provide incredible CPU/GPU performance.”

Many are also expecting the Surface 2 to come with a 13.5-inch screen, but using higher resolution at 4K. This could also go well with the Kaby Lake which supports better graphics improving 3D graphics and 4K videos.

Another feature that many are predicting will be largely improved is the dynamic fulcrum hinge. The original Surface Book was largely panned for its looks and gap that was left with a half-closed laptop. With the i7 still sporting the same design flaw, the Surface 2 will most probably do away with the hinge.

It’s no wonder that many fans are already anticipating its release seeing all the improvements and notable specs of the Microsoft Surface Book 2.

Coming from the i7 which has gone toe-to-toe with the MacBook, fans of Microsoft could look forward to seeing the Surface Book 2 arriving in shelves by 2017. Souce: Sportsrageous

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