PS4 Firmware Update 4.06
PS4 Firmware Update 4.06 Available Fixing and Preventing Major Bugs

#PS4 #FirmwareUpdate – PS4 Firmware Update 4.06 Available Fixing and Preventing Major Bugs : Sony just released today a new PS4 software update that’s focused towards improving system performance. The 4.0.6 patch can be downloaded right now and it’s around 300MB. This minor update is a mandatory software update so everyone is required to connect their PS4 to Sony’s PSN and download the update as soon as possible, the update is downloaded automatically by the PS4, the only thing it needs is a stable internet connection.

The second November update doesn’t bring too many new features, it’s the same as the last 4.0.5 update that was released back in the October. The patch notes only included “This system software update improves the quality of the system performance”, the same statement included in the October 4.0.5 update log.

The latest important update Sony rolled out for PS4 was back in September when it allowed all PS4 consoles to support HDR videos. The September update also gave PS4 users the ability to manage their folders, apps and games. Interestingly the September update was 312MB, which is close to the size the new 4.0.6 update is, but sadly the second November update didn’t contain any features, only software updates.

The PS4 gaming community is speculating that this update will help TV brands to resolve their PS4 Pro problems. Older TV sets that can run 4K graphics are having some problems with the new PS4 Pro, after connecting the gaming console the TV will automatically lose its signal.

While the 4.0.6 update doesn’t include some new and innovative features, it’s good to see that Sony is on top of their game and they are constantly releasing firmware updates every month. Even if PS4 owners don’t notice any difference, they should know that these updates prevent other major bugs from occurring.

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