#GoldSupercar #Car – Mystery Jakarta Gold Supercar Owner Revealed : The streets of London have been raving for months full with speculations about the mysterious identity of the owner of a few gold-plated supercars estimated to be worth over $1,000,000. These cars have been spotted driving through the city of London, roaring their engines, and grabbing huge attention at almost every red light.

Initial speculations stated that the owner is probably a Saudi prince or the son of a Russian oligarch. We were able to track down the identity of the owner and found he was our very own Jakarta-born and raised, Ahmad Sukarno. Sukarno is part of the new wave of self-made millionaires of the Binary Options industry.

Ahmad’s fleet of gold-plated sports cars includes a Mercedes AMG GT estimated to be worth over $400,000, a $300,000 Bentley GT3, a $600,000 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe, and a $350,000 Lamborghini Aventador. The same Lamborghini was also photographed and spotted recently driving through Jakarta streets, carrying the same plate number of the Lamborghini spotted driving through London. The picture of Ahmad Sukarno was taken in Jakarta during that drive and was later matched with the same plate number of the car that is constantly roaming London’s streets.

Up until today, there was not a lot known about this wave of new millionaires. Most of them are making their millions while working from home, all sharing the secret to riches on private invite-only chat groups and forums. They kept themselves away from the spotlight and maintained a low-profile as much as possible, trying to keep their secret to getting rich from being discovered by too many people. Sukarno, however, is the more outgoing type, covering his cars with real gold and buying a new supercar almost every month. He attracts a lot of attention, and even behind his black windshields he was caught by our photographer in Jakarta while stopping for gas and was photographed with a young model sitting in the passenger’s seat next to him – apparently living the Indonesian dream.

Cars covered with Gold worth over $1 million revealed to be the property of Ahmad Sukarno, a Binary Options trader and an ex-gardening-store owner.

Cars covered with gold worth over $1 million revealed to be the property of Ahmad Sukarno, a Binary Options trader and an ex-gardening-store owner.

There are numerous rumors lately about people making huge sums of money trading binary options. Sukarno is real proof, as he’s not just another “rich kid” buying expensive cars with his Daddy’s money, but a regular person who owned a gardening shop and made millions trading binary options all by himself.




Mercedes AMG parking in London streets, one of the several owned by this flashy binary options millionaire. Indonesian-born Sukarno imported his cars from Qatar and has yet to change his license plates to the UK versions, attracting even more attention.

Binary Options are certainly not a new thing; they have been around for ages. However, they were traded mostly within the banking sector, and just recently the simplicity of trading binary options became available to the public domain. Up until now, there were misleading beliefs that trading binary options required special training and skills. Only after an ex-banker exposed the source code of the software he had been using to trade binary options during his employment in one of Wall Street’s banks, was the first internet-based binary options website released. This allowed almost anyone to take advantage of this amazing financial tool to make profits trading binary options – and the rest is history.


Binary Options trader Ahmad Sukarno, parks his fleet of gold cars in front of London’s top hotel.

But what are “Binary Options”? How did normal everyday people like Ahmad Sukarno become so rich that they could afford to buy a fleet of cars estimated to be worth over $1,000,000? The idea is simple which makes them so accessible. You decide between only 2 possible outcomes, one is “Up” and the other is “Down”. You choose whether the price of a stock like Apple or Google will go up or down within the next 60 seconds. If you were right, and the stock does go up, you win, almost doubling your money immediately. If you were wrong, you lose, but you can always try again until you get it right.

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