#Nintendo #Games – Nintendo Switch games: More titles CONFIRMED for Switch release date : Nintendo Switch just got the backing of even more publishers, as new games are announced for the system ahead of its March release date.Ubisoft’s Xavier Poix believes that the combination of mobile and TV gaming could unite the casual and hardcore gaming audience.

Poix told Polygon: “The Switch is very clear as a premise. The way it changes the way you play doesn’t come necessarily with the controllers, because they were here with the Wii as well … but in the way it is mobile.

“The way you can play it on the bus and go home and put it on your TV immediately and come back to your room because somebody else wants to watch TV, this is very interesting.

“Not necessarily revolutionising the way you play, but since we are world creators that try to put the players in our universe and find ways to keep them there. It’s very exciting to find ways of staying in this world.

“This is a good evolution because for the first time you have a console that is bringing two worlds together which is the mobile-handheld and the usual console experience.”