A Perfect Solution for Music Enthusiasts

Music has the power to change one’s mood. Even if one has a bad day, listening to some good music at the end of the day can make one feel good and enjoy the solace. To help people, especially music enthusiasts, listen to some soothing music, ELAC has manufactured in-wall speakers that not only feature bass-reflex but are filled with several other features that make the product stand out. In addition, ELAC’s in wall speakers are easy to install and produce a better sound than many.

Let’s check the remarkable features that make ELAC’s in-wall speakers a good buy without further delay.

Features of ELAC’s in-wall speakers

ELAC has manufactured a wide range of in-wall speakers with various features attached to each one of them. Some of the common features present in ELAC’s in wall speakers are as follows:

  1. Improved woven aramid fiber woofer

The ELAC in-wall speakers feature a customized mid-bass driver. Further, the improved shape of the aramid cone provides better stiffness and damping, which is much better than paper or polypropylene. Moreover, the design of the ELAC speakers makes them more flexible and helps to attain a fast, low-frequency, and smoother response.

  1. Robust cabinet for easy placement and longevity

The luxurious texture of the ELAC’s in-wall speakers makes them a better choice than many other speakers. Furthermore, these speakers feature a large internal brace with a thick MDF cabinet to impart greater strength and stiffness. As a result, one can experience fewer cabinet vibrations that might have otherwise yielded distortion and coloration of the speaker’s tone. In addition, the bass ports of the ELAC in-wall speakers are generally located at the bottom of the cabinet, thereby allowing easy placement against walls.

  1. Ultra-wide frequency tweeter and wide dispersion waveguide

To produce a clear and crisp sound, the in-walls speakers of ELAC feature silk-dome tweeter sports. Besides, with the updated waveguide, the device’s directivity control is improved, reducing the diffraction, which produces a better ultrawide response.

Installation process

To install the in-wall speakers of ELAC, follow these steps:

  1. It is advised to use speaker wires that are approved in fixing in-wall gadgets. Also, ensure to use UL-rated wires with CL2 or CL3 labeling.
  2. Once the speaker location has been decided, check whether it has enough space around it to accommodate the speaker. Next, use a good-quality stud finder to detect the AC wires, metal pipes, and other underlying obstructions.
  3. Undergo a thorough check of the underlying walls and then drill a pilot hole to check if the speaker location is perfect or needs to be changed.
  4. Now, insert a robust wire through this pilot hole and wrap the exploratory wire with electrical tape.
  5. Before cutting the drywall, do not forget to check the entire location thoroughly.
  6. To map out the location of the speaker, use rough-in brackets and mount them between two studs.


Now that the speaker’s location is checked thoroughly, it is time to install the new EALC in-wall speakers. If necessary, one can take the help of professionals to fix the speakers on the walls or ceilings.

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