Enter The World’s Best Recreative Escape Rooms!

Are you up for the challenge to gather clues and search for answers? Escape into a whole new world and be intrigued by the changing scenarios, and thought-provocative and stimulating mysteries along the way that inspires you amusingly.

The Fun Empire Escape Room Singapore designers have won various local and international game designer tournaments. With their experience, immersive escape room stories are developed using game development processes and methodologies. They have the largest team building provider in Singapore that can accommodate hundreds of participants at the same time.

 Featured Escape Rooms

The Fun Empire is a vertically integrated, one-stop event solutions provider that offers a wide range of activities, workshops & add-on services (corporate gifts, catering, etc), all tailor-made to your needs. In addition to combat archery, mysterious puzzles, outdoor escape puzzles, and bowling, these virtual escape rooms have actual gaming packages.

  1. Curse of The Werewolves
  2. The Experiment
  3. Ben’s Big Heist
  4. Return of The Team
  5. Icons of Singapore, and much more

Benefits of Escape Room

The interesting plot and thought-provoking puzzles of escape rooms require participants to think differently to tackle the mysteries. Participants can only rely on each other’s diverse skills and experiences to figure out what the clues mean.

  • Escape Room Singapore requires participants to work as a team towards a collective goal. Participants are up against the clock when finishing a mission successfully. This requires teams to strategize, plan and appoint someone to take the lead and appoint everyone individual roles based on their strengths and weaknesses.
  • With difficult clues presented in our Escape Room Singapore, teams will need to consistently communicate with each other. Share insights and suggest solutions! It requires coordination and communication to complete the mission.
  • The professional facilitators are present to guide you too, should you need their assistance!
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