How To Make A Jewelry Box

Your jewelry must be kept in safe and convenient places. You should not just keep your nice earrings and necklaces anywhere. This is one of the reasons why you should get a 2 space rack case or DIY a good jewelry box for their storage. This article reveals how you make a wooden box measuring 10″ x 5″ and 3″ high. The ratio is 2: 1, but you can always adjust it to any dimensions you deem enough for you.

You can buy nice softwood for the box. You do not require expensive woods. This is nice for a start. Follow the following steps to make it.

Make the Top and Bottom Panels of the Jewelry Box

The top and bottom panels should be made first. You can make use of one large piece of walnut to make the top and bottom of the box. If you have two nice pieces of walnut board, saw it into two to get four pieces using the bandsaw. However, if you are utilizing the 1/4″ plywood and a solid one panel, this will be easy.

Then put the cut pieces through the 19 -38 drum sander to get down to 1/4″ dimension. This is applicable if you had used the solid one panel. Once they are flat, glue the pieces into two panels. Cut them to the right size.

Make the Sides of the Jewelry Box

For you to make the sides of the box, cut the pieces into 3-1/8″ wide strips.  You can make use of 2 pieces 10″ each and two 5″ each. Now, resaw the pieces on the bandsaw to get 16″ long and just under ½”. Take them to your drum sander and bring them down to 3/8″ in thickness.

Next, make grooves in the sides of the box for the top and bottom panels. The said grooves should be 1/4” and 3/16” in depth. Besides, they are to be located 3/16” from both ends. To make sure the grooves fit, do test cuts in scrap. Cut the sides to 5’ and 10” in length.

Assemble the Box

Lay the side pieces end to end in a straight line and tap the joints on the outside. Apply some glue to the miters and fold up your box as you insert the two panels into the grooves you made. That is how easy it is to assemble your DIY jewelry box.

Install the Lining on the Jewelry Box

You can easily install the lining of the box to make it more beautiful.

Apply a Finish

Besides, applying a nice finish would be great to make it look impressive. This is upon you to choose. However, make sure it is nice, or it corresponds to the general theme of the place where you will keep it.

In conclusion, you have seen how it is simple to make a nice jewelry box. You can use fancy wood or just any wood that you can get. However, if you do not have a nice and doable plan on your head, you can download some great jewelry plans from the internet free of charge. Also, do not forget you can make adhering to your own measurements. It is not a must to make the same size as recommended on the online instructions.

Now, instead of splashing hundreds of dollars to purchase a jewelry box, just buy the requirements and make yours at home. The process is not as complex as you thought. If you need help, always come back to this page to get some insights. Nevertheless, you can make use of the equipment that you have or can hire or borrow from a friend. Do not say you will not try it simply because you lack the mentioned tools.

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