What Will Happen After I Buy A DOTA 2 BOOST?

When the payment is clear, then we are lower back to our website, these things are easy to find through a short registration process.

So therefore, the payment is clear and the website is ready to complete the registration. After that it will be saved as our statistics and they will boost your account to find you and it takes very less time to do.

When the registration is complete, then your order will be registered and saved into their statistics base, our pro gamers are declaring the place where we can apply DOTA 2 BOOST.

Then they will search the booster and chat with the booster by locate yourself and that pro gamers or booster will start to improve the MMR rank of your account. It takes 5-10 minutes in the entire process from end to the beginning.

How Long They Are Continuing to DOTA 2 BOOST My Account?

Normally, we need to boost your account per day 300-400+ MMR that are based on what type of high desired rank is in your account. When your rank is high and win rate is low only then you can play the game also you will see the result as low.

The boosting speed will slow down accordingly. When the order is confirmed, you can start your boosting within 5 minutes.

So basically, we need to confirm our order first, then they will be able to continue our boost.

Is DOTA 2 Boosting Expensive?

Dota 2 BOOST is the cheapest price in the market and it is not expensive.

Your regular customers will get offer to get many discounts by them, and that people who has start for the first time can decide to start using your Dota 2 boosting service.

 So basically, those people who are willing to maintain a high rank for a long time or always, only then they can create a loyalty program for those people.

That’s why they distribute an increasing discount for those people, who are using for the second time or more than two from our DOTA 2 BOOST service.

So, we launch the promotions DOTA 2 BOOST for the first-time user to boost their account.

There are many staff and consumers whom claimed that DOTA 2 BOOSTis not expensive and it is one of the cheapest prices in the market place.

Can I Learn About Your Refund Policy?

There are some possible conditions as refund policy in DOTA 2 BOOSTING.

Firstly, if the boost has not start yet and you are mentally prepared to not boosting your account anymore, then we can refund your full amount. If the boost has already started, then we can calculate a partial refund to distribute among the customers.

Basically, refund policy is distributing when you are not using the boost and stop the boost before starting then it will fully refund. If we cannot stop the boost, then we distribute the partial refund by calculating the boost time properly.

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